Was established in 1989 by a group of experienced researchers and health practitioners committed to improving the status of health care for all Palestinians. As an independent, nonprofit Palestinian organization, HDIP specializes in policy research and planning regarding the Palestinian health care and development system in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The institute has expanded to serve as advocates for better government policies on behalf of overlooked groups such as women, youth and the disabled. It is devoted to building a democratic Palestinian civil society. In addition, HDIP provides information services, evaluations, and training in the areas of health, development policy and system management.


Our Vision

At this crucial junction in time, as Palestinians struggle to build the foundations of a free country, it is absolutely essential that a development vision and proper policies be adopted. To help achieve this, the Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute (HDIP) uses research, advocacy, capacity building and dialogue to promote community needs, proper development policies, and good governance. Only then can Palestine live up to its potential as a democratic civil society.

Our Mission

HDIP is an essential resource for policy makers, development agencies, health care organizations, individual researchers and students who require quality, up-to-date information, research and ideas about health care and other development issues in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. HDIP serves the Palestinian community by making their development needs and preferences known to these policy makers.
Furthermore, we serve as a consultant to many Palestinian and international institutions on research, planning, and quality management. It has provided consultations to organizations like the WHO, European Community, UNDP, UNICEF, the World Bank and numerous other local and international NGOs.
We coordinate with a large network of health care NGOs working on development activities in all of the urban and rural areas of the country, providing it with first-hand knowledge of the health and infrastructure conditions on the ground in Palestine.





Our Goals

  • Survey the primary health care  system and related infrastructure in Palestine.

  • Contribute to the development of Palestine     by promoting community needs in health, education and other social areas.

  • Help improve the level of coordination and cooperation between civil society,  governmental and international institutions, through information-sharing and policy  dialogue.

  • Support other NGOs in lobbying for sound  health and development policies and law

  • Provide training in general management skills, systems management, rapid appraisal and research, and computer software programs.

  • Conduct evaluations and consultations in development and systems management.

  • Empowerment of local community structure


hdip office on the 22 of April 2002