On the 22 of April 2002, staff of hdip and the Palestine monitor were able to enter their offices for the first time in three weeks and were met by the sight of indescribable damage and vandalism committed by Israeli soldiers who had used the office as an operation center during the occupation of ramamllh. Most of the equipment of hdip and the Palestine monitor had been destroyed, with files and reports damaged or burnt. The office was found in an unbelievable state of mess and destruction.

All the computers in the office were thrown into one big pile at the entrance, with desks and chairs broken and scattered on top of each other, computer hard- drives had been taken out and the server destroyed, along with all printers and fax machines. Among the computers were 12 new computers, which had been purchased for the establishment of a computer-training center for youth and women. Also damaged beyond repair was hdips geographic information system software. Soldiers also stole two brand new digital video cameras, lcds , a projector and educational equipment . the soldiers used the newer part of the office, which hdip had recently rented and renovated, as a dormitory.

But perhaps the most devastating loss is that of more than 13 years of research in Palestinian health and development as well as valuable bibliographic information and databases. All the acts of vandalism, damage and devastation did not prohibit hdip from continuing its obligation towards the Palestinian community. Though we spent the rest of the year 2002 rebuilding our offices, along with our research, bibliographic information and databases, it was all ended with success when the newer part of the office was renovated again and an independent Palestine monitor office was established all of which could never have been accomplished without the strong will and determination of hdip staff, not to mention the great support and help of hdips friends and supporters who stood with us along the way.