A geographic information system (GIS)

Is a computer system in which we can link data with Geographies capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information (i.e. spatial data). It allows the user to reveal patterns and trends not visible with other popular systems, such as electronic databases that use charts and graphs to display data. GIS is increasingly being integrated into development planning in Palestine and HDIP's move into this field was deemed a natural progression, considering its experience in publishing maps and the extensive databases it holds on Palestinian health and infrastructure services.


Since 1998, HDIP has integrated a Geographic Information System (GIS) in its health research. In the past two years; HDIP has used its GIS in many ways as a powerful tool to display the institute’s database and other health indicators as maps. Organizations such as the World Health Organization, Care International and the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees used our maps to display various health and infrastructure variables.
However, during the last invasion of Israeli soldiers of HDIP’s offices in April 2002, our health GIS was completely destroyed. The computer hard-drive was taken out; the key of the software used was smashed, as well as the server with all data analysis and maps. The year 2002 marked hence a professional disappointment. Nevertheless, there was a parallel staff motivation to restore, expand and re-enhance our damaged health and development information system. All data has been recovered and the institute’s information system has been rebuilt.

What software is used?

HDIP uses ArcGIS to visualize, explore, query, and analyze its health data geographically. For more information on this software, please refer to ESRI (Environmental Systems Resource Institute).

Services offered by HDIP


Health Maps:

  1. Map of health facilities in West bank (Clinics and Hospitals). (PDF format)

  2. Map of health facilities in Gaza Strip (Clinics and Hospitals). (PDF format)

  3. Map of health facilities by Districts

  4. Map of health projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (based on the Italian Cooperation data base)

Closure and Health Maps:

  1. Distribution of closure facilities and health facilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

  2. The Segregation Wall and the Health facilities

  3. Health facilities and closure by areas and district

  4. Losses of clinics and hospitals by the Segregation Wall

  5. Map of served and unnerved communities

Closure Maps:

  1. Checkpoints Maps in the West Bank (General Map). (PDF format)

  2. Checkpoints Maps in the Gaza Strip (General Map). (PDF format)

  3. The Segregation Wall Map (general)

  4. The Phase one of the Segregation Wall

  5. The Phase tow of the segregation wall

  6. The Proposed Phase three of the Segregation Wall

  7. General closure Map in the West Bank (Checkpoints and Segregation)

  8. Gaza Strip closure Map

  9. The Jerusalem envelope map

General Maps (1:150000):

  1. The West bank and Gaza Strip map

  2. The West bank General Map 

  3. Gaza Strip general map

Political Historical Maps:

  1. General Map of Palestine Before 1948  Gis Maps

  2. The UN resolution 191 for Separation 1947

  3. The Israeli State before 1967

Political Maps: - Political agreements Maps or Political proposals:

  1. The A, B, C Oslo and Sharm Al-Shaikh Agreements  (PDF format)

  2. The Barak Plan for the Palestinian State (Camp David 2000). (PDF format)

  3. Sharon Plan for the Palestinian State 2005. (PDF format)

  4. Israeli Army Proposal for Land control in the West Bank by district.

  5. Israeli Proposal for the Disengagement Plan. (PDF format)

  6. Israeli Settlements Map

  7. Comparison between West Bank and Gaza strip in 1967 and Sharon’s plan for Palestinian State.

General infrastructure Maps:

  1. Water resources distribution

  2. Swage systems

  3. Electricity coverage

Our Services include:

For more information on our maps and services, please contact our GIS specialist.