Health Deveopment Information and Policy Institute



Voter Registration Project

To achieve successful voter registration process and increase number of people who will participate in the elections, HDIP managed to recruit 120 youth members in both Gaza and West Bank (20 members of Gaza youth networks and 100 from WB youth networks who took part in the last youth camp) to run out this campaign. They covered all districts of WB and Gaza specially Jerusalem which due to current political situation might have limited participation in voter registration.

Those 120 youth members focused on motivating people to register for election. First they knocked doors in villages and told them about elections, informed them about the closest voter registration centers and dessiminated election promotion materials. In addition, they daily visited the voter registration centers to see how the process was going and whether those people whom they motivated registered or not. They made a step by step evaluation of the progress in the registration process. At the end of the voter registration period, youth members will provided HDIP with a full data base information regarding voter list in terms of who registered, percentages of those who registered for election, women participation, rural participation and political involvement. This formed as  primary information about the coming elections and who from political parties will participate and how much support they already gain from those who already registered for elections. This had also encouraged youth members who worked the voter registration process to carry out awareness meetings with people about elections in terms of: importance of single votes, who should we vote for and how can we select people according to programs and transparency.